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We offer our own series of workshops designed to enable fitness professionals to incorporate calisthenics training into their client’s workouts. Courses are currently offered in Southampton, Coventry, London and Manchester and are delivered by the UK's top athletes and coaches.

calisthenics instructor training

Calisthenics Fundamentals

This four hour course covers the fundamental aspects of bodyweight training, helping to lay sound foundations from which to build upon. We provide an overview of the different principles that can be used to make  exercises harder or easier, examine the techniques involved in a variety of bodyweight exercises, and how to structure a bodyweight training session.


The course is suited to those with limited experience of bodyweight training, as well as those that already possess a sound level of understanding. The course content will enable you to develop effective sessions for 1:1 and group training, challenging those of various ability levels. Completion of this workshop ensures that your clients are able to perform the basics well, enabling them to then progress onto more advanced moves. 



Calisthenics Parallettes

Advanced Instructor Training

Statics and Dynamics 

These two workshops are designed to take your knowledge to the next level, enabling your clients to master the iconic static and dynamic moves. We build upon the foundations established on the Fundamentals course, covering more advanced techniques and exercises.


The Advanced Instructor courses are suited to those with a good level of personal experience with bodyweight training. The knowledge and confidence you gain from completing the courses will enable you to work with more proficient clients/athletes, as well as giving you fresh ideas to incorporate into your own training.


Statics (4hrs)

We build upon the static holds covered on the Fundamentals course, explaining the progressions that lead towards more advanced statics such as the front lever, back lever and human flag.


Dynamics (4hrs)

Once clients are able to perform the fundamental exercises competently, they are ready to progress to more explosive, dynamic moves such as the muscle up. Our dynamics course looks at these iconic dynamic moves as well as getting air and air moves, 360o variations, P bar hops and palm spins. Understanding how to progress from the fundamental exercises to the iconic dynamic moves will ensure you're able to challenge those of all abilities and develop their skills even further.


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