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Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer Combined
Eastbourne, East Sussex
11th November 2017 - 15th April 2018


Gym Instructor

Our gym instructor course helps prepare you for the gym instructor role, covering the process of instructing CV and resistance exercises, as well as programme design to meet the needs of your clients. The face-to-face sessions build upon the theory covered during the pre-course study. Within the course there are opportunities to resit any theory or practical assessments as required.


Personal Trainer

Our personal trainer course equips you with the practical skills and knowledge to stand out from other PT’s currently working in the industry. You’ll identify a client to work with throughout the course, and use them as a case study. Taking this approach allows you to put your knowledge into practice straight away.

Eastbourne GI&PT Course Schedule

Gym Instructor

 Day  Date  Content*
 1 19th May Client consultation, Screening & Intro to instructing exercises (CV and stretches)
 2 20th May Instructing exercises (resistance and CV)
 3 9th June Instructing exercises (cont’d) & Programme design 
 4 10th June Anatomy revision and theory papers
 5 23rd June Practical assessments and resits
6 24th June Practical assessments and resits

Personal Trainer




7th July Initial Client Consultation and Range of Motion (ROM) Tests
8th July ROM Testing and Mobility Drills
3 21st July
Assessing Exercise Competency Exercise Competency: Scoring
22nd July
Exercise Competency: Correctives Resistance Training: Movement Pillars
4th August
Instructing Resistance Training Exercises Instructing Resistance Training Exercises
6 5th August
Programme Design CV Conditioning
7 18th August
CV Conditioning Programme Design
8 19th August
Anatomy revision Anatomy and Nutrition tests
9 1st September
Nutrition concepts Programme Design
10 2nd September
Nutrition Concepts Programme Design
11 15th September
Final practical observations
12 16th September
Final practical observations

 *exact structure and timings may be subject to change


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